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The essence and spirit of the privacy policy canadaedu, are to safeguard the privacies and reputation of our global visitors, and also to keep these significant things up, always in the future. These facts apply to our all visitors who broadly fall under the categories of school students, college and university students, professionals, research scholars, teachers and professors, educational institutes, coaching institutes, and people and entities engaged in the sector of education and teaching, and other economic sectors.

To meet ours these objectives, every member of ours this globally popular and reputed educational firm, does do the best to keep secret and fully confidential all pieces of information connected with our myriads of Indian and global visitors and clients. These pieces of information could be related with the questions asked or queries sent by them, their individuals locations and electronic or telephonic identities, or their wise suggestions for making this website richer, unbiased, and impeccable. Again, all information related with our visitors is never used by us for gaining any personal, institutional, or promotional advantages. Our prestigious and punctilious firm has no intentions to harm the well-established reputation and popularity of other websites or companies related with the sector of education or other. All we do is making the contents and information of our website striking, unbiased, unique, and maximally useful to our visitors. At last, but not the least, our firm is not accountable to any extent for the privacy policies of all those websites or companies, the web-links or referrals of which may ever be found on any web-pages of this website. To know our independent and autonomous standing fully, our Disclaimer may also be seen along with this privacy policy.

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