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Canadian Universities

This one of the wealthiest countries of the world is not only rich in natural resources and beauty, but also in many world-class universities for top-notch higher education. Its well-developed and fast-paced economy, its sparse population [around 35 million at present], its technological advancements, and its cultural diversity and cosmopolitan atmosphere, are other favorable features for making Canada a hugely popular destination for higher studies in various disciplines.

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Ours this webpage offers exclusively information regarding the universities in canada, and the most worldwide famous and top canadian universities for international students, which offer diverse academic degrees in a wide range of professional disciplines. Higher education in Canada is regulated and updated by The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada [AUCC], however, the higher education in individual provinces are also managed privately by the provincial governments. The canadian universities list given in the section below, shows the top universities in some educationally advanced provinces. As in most of the other countries of the world, the universities in this magnificent country of the North American Continent, offer academic degrees at the levels of bachelor's, master's, and doctoral, in a wide range of educational, professional, and occupational subjects. Generally, the undergraduate courses offering the bachelor's degrees take three to four years; while the postgraduate courses can last for one to three years, depending upon the type of degree.

List of Top Universities in Canada

Affluent and glamorous Canada has regularly been ranked among the top ten most popular and best countries for higher studies by the international students, professionals, and researchers pertaining to countries worldwide. Its ten provinces and three territories collectively contain a total of 98 universities, the majority of which are located in Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec. About 25 of these canadian universities have found ranking in the QS World University Rankings 2014-15. Again, about 10 reputed universities of Canada regularly find places in the list of best 200 global universities. The majority of the most popular and top canadian universities are well-established in these three provinces. The following list of canadian universities covers the most globally admired and enticing universities to the international students:
  • University of Toronto, Toronto [Ontario]
  • McGill University, Montreal [Quebec]
  • University of British Columbia, Vancouver [British Columbia]
  • University of Montreal, Montreal
  • University of Western Ontario, Ontario
  • University of Calgary, Alberta
  • Queen's University, Ontario
  • University of Alberta, Alberta
  • McMaster University, Ontario
  • University of Waterloo, Ontario
  • Western University, Ontario
  • University of Ottawa, Ontario
  • University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan
  • University of Victoria, British Columbia
  • York University, Ontario
  • Laval University, Quebec
  • Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia
  • Simon Fraser University, British Columbia
  • Concordia University, Quebec
  • Ryerson University, Ontario

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