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Higher Education College Programs

The higher education colleges in Canada can broadly be classified into two categories --- the public colleges and the private career colleges and institutes. The provincially controlled public colleges are around 150, while the number of privately controlled career colleges and vocational training institutes in over 1000 in entire Canada, at present. Both these categories of colleges offer a variety of programs to the school-leavers, unemployed persons, professionals, housewives, and other studying or working persons.

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These college programs offer a variety of credentials to them including the certificates, diplomas, postgraduate diplomas, pre-professional degrees, academic and applied degrees, university preparation certificates, etc, in a wide range of business-related, technical, vocational, trade-related, and professional disciplines or subjects. The duration of these college degree programs ranges from few months to one year, or more, and can go up to three or four years, depending upon the type and level of course and the selected college. These college programs for students and adults prepare them for fast and rich employments in various occupational fields or offer some credentials for enrichment of professional qualifications and career. Today, these college higher education programs are being provided in almost all highly productive and significant fields and subjects, the most popular of which are listed in the section below. Again, online college programs are also available for these purposes, and are hugely popular by the native and international students.

List of College Programs in Canada

The colleges and career colleges of Canada offer around 10,000 programs every year to meet the varying requirements and priorities of the native students of Canada and over 5000 international students visiting this country. The majority of the most reputed and top colleges with higher education programs in a wide range, are located in the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, and Alberta. The tuition fees taken by these career colleges of Canada are quite economical as compared to such colleges in other well-developed countries, and generally vary from $5,500 to $15,000 per year, based on the type and nature of the subject and program, the selected college, and the duration of the program. All most popular and preferred subjects or fields are comprehensively covered by the courses of such colleges of Canada, among which the following are the most cherished and top broad streams or disciplines:
  • Business, Economics, and Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Fashion
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Aesthetics and Beauty Services
  • Food and Beverage Studies
  • Biological & Life Sciences
  • Languages & Literature
  • Legal Studies
  • Art and Design
  • Animation & Multimedia
  • Mass Communication & Journalism
  • Accounting & Commerce
  • Advertising
  • Business Marketing
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Energy
  • Agriculture and Agro-food
  • Environment and Ecology
  • Health and Human Services
  • Social Services

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