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Canada Christian Secondary Schools

Christian schools of Canada have been internationally prominent for offering first-class school education and invaluable religious development to school-children of Canada and countries worldwide. Thus, the Christian schools, especially the christian secondary schools in canada, are highly preferred religious alternative to the secular public or private schools.

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The Christian schools commonly integrate Biblical teachings, values, and spiritual awareness into the traditional academic education, along with the virtue of leading a religious, responsible, and ethical life. Thus, the Christian schools nurture, academic success as well as personal and spiritual growth of the students. Owing to these qualities and specialties, the most prestigious and top christian secondary schools in canada, entice a considerably large number of domestic and international students every year.

The Christian secondary schools may be boarding high schools or day-schools; and could be affiliated to any particular Protestant denomination, or be non-denominational in character. The total charges taken by these schools vary as per the grade, and the type and reputation of school, boarding or day-school. Again, Christian secondary schools in different provinces and territories of Canada follow the scholastic curriculum of respective province; all school offering internationally recognizable high school diplomas. Again, most of the Christian secondary schools of Canada are open to international students, and commonly keep English or French as a second language. Of a large number of Christian secondary schools in Canada, the majority are located in the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan. The curricula adopted by these schools are of global standards, and cover all basic and most significant and prolific subjects, in order to offer students a world-class secondary education, along with impeccable integration of religious faith and academic learning. The following list of christian secondary schools in canada, covers most of the immensely reputed and best Christian secondary schools of Canada at present:
  • John Knox Christian School, Ontario
  • Ottawa Christian School, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Toronto Dist. Christian High School, Woodbridge, Ontario
  • Halton Hills Christian School, Georgetown, Ontario
  • Laurentian Hills Christian School, Kitchener, Ontario
  • London Dist. Christian Sec. School, London, Ontario
  • Woodland Christian High School, Breslau, Ontario
  • Regent Christian Academy, British Columbia
  • Great Lakes Christian High School, Beamsville, Ontario
  • Hamilton Dist. Christian High School, Ancaster, Ontario
  • Trinity Christian School, Burlington, Ontario
  • Cambridge Christian School, Cambridge, Ontario
  • Chatham Christian School, Chatham, Ontario
  • Calvin Christian School, Hamilton, Ontario
  • Heritage Community Christian School (Brockville, Ontario)
  • Apostolic Christian School, New Brunswick
  • Valley Christian Academy (Osler, Saskatchewan)
  • Sussex Christian School (New Brunswick)
  • Luther College High School (Saskatchewan)
  • Strathcona Christian Academy Secondary School, Alberta
  • Immanuel Christian School (Winnipeg)

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