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Canada Catholic Secondary Schools

Canada has numerous internationally reputed and hugely popular Roman Catholic secondary schools, which are located in its various provinces and territories. The majority of these top catholic secondary schools in canada are situated in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Quebec.

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Every year, these internationally admired catholic secondary schools in canada attract numerous international students, owing to superb and world-class secondary education, ace religious education, and personality development resources, in addition to a huge number of Canadian students. This web-article is going to provide very useful information about catholic canada secondary schools in the paragraphs below, to help myriads of domestic and international students.

Catholic secondary schools have a long, rich, and prestigious history in Canada, and these schools have been drawing students from countries worldwide, especially from Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. Catholic secondary schools of Canada are highly appreciated globally for providing top-notch and well-rounded secondary education within a constructive and congenial Catholic community. These Catholic schools offer both the internationally recognized academic courses, and the religious courses; better discipline, and constructive environment; congenial community atmosphere; education and counsel for character building and personality development; ample and efficient out-of-class assistance; and promote a Catholic identity of the students. The religious and innovative programs of these schools are inherently and deeply related with Catholic values, ideals, and beliefs, and therefore include the spirit of community service and voluntarism. The precious high school diplomas granted by the catholic secondary schools of Canada are recognized nationwide and internationally. The tuition fees charged by the catholic boarding schools and catholic day-schools differ from province to province and school to school, and fall in the general range of $ 5,000 - $25, 000 annually.

The following list of catholic secondary schools in canada contains the majority of most reputed schools of Canada amid the international students worldwide:
  • Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School, Peterborough, Ontario
  • St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School, Ontario
  • St. David Catholic Secondary School, Waterloo
  • Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School, Ontario
  • Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Ontario
  • St. Albert Catholic High School (SACHS), Alberta
  • St. Augustine Catholic High School, Ontario
  • Loretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School, Ontario
  • St. Michael's College School, Toronto, Ontario
  • St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School, Ontario
  • Loyola High School, Montreal, Quebec
  • Father John Redmond, Etobicoke, Ontario
  • Don Bosco, Etobicoke, Ontario
  • Bishop Allen, Etobicoke, Ontario
  • St. Malachy's Memorial High School, New Brunswick
  • Sacred Heart School of Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Vancouver College, British Columbia
  • Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Edmonton)
  • Saint Francis High School (Calgary)
  • St. Francis Xavier High School (Edmonton)
  • St. Mary's High School (Calgary)
  • St. Joseph High School, Saskatchewan

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