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Online Colleges in New Foundland

This easternmost province of Canada in the Atlantic region is developing fast also in the sector of online educational and career-oriented courses. Its Memorial University of Newfoundland has been well-eminent nationwide and internationally for world-class academic programs in a rather broad range of professional and employment-oriented subjects and fields of global popularity.

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Here, we are primarily interested in providing information about only the programs and courses extended by the online colleges in new foundland canada, to help students and other working or occupied people residing in this province, other provinces of Canada, and foreign countries situated worldwide. Here, it may briefly be mentioned that this fast progressing province combines the island Newfoundland and the mainland Labrador, and contains a total population of around 0.5 million at present, about 40% of which is located in the provincial capital and the largest city of St. John's. The economy of Newfoundland and Labrador is primarily supported by service industries, mining, manufacturing, and oil production.

List of Online College in New Foundland Canada

Among the three main educational and career institutions in Newfoundland and Labrador, two are hugely popular and highly admired for ace-quality online programs and courses in a wide gamut of fields and subjects, and at varying vocational, pre-professional, and academic levels. The following list of online colleges newfoundland, enlists these two main and most popular institutions for online courses and programs:

Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN): This internationally famous canadian university also offers numerous online programs and courses in a wide range of subjects and fields, and at levels diverse, through its Memorial@Home. This reputed university has been an immensely popular institution for rich and highly prolific online college courses newfoundland and labrador, by the domestic and international students. The online programs and courses of this one of the leading online colleges in new foundland, are under the categories of the certificate programs, diploma programs, undergraduate programs, and degree programs. The subjects and fields covered by these highly professional and employment-oriented programs and courses are - Business Administration; Maritime Studies (Fisheries Resource Management); Technology; Education; Library Studies; Food Safety; Quality Management; Technology Management; Nursing; Maritime Management; Physical Education; Arts and Humanities; Sciences; Engineering and Technology; Languages; Economics; Social Sciences; Religious Studies, and many other subjects and fields.

College of the North Atlantic (CNA): This highly renowned and very popular college of Newfoundland and Labrador for superlative postsecondary education and highly productive career-oriented trainings, also offer over 200 online courses and programs, through help of its Office of Distributed Learning (DL). These online programs and courses offer credentials like certificates, college credits, and diplomas in a wide range of subjects and fields. The most prominent and popular among these are Business Administration, Rehabilitation Assistant (OTA/PTA), Early Childhood Education, Web Development, Office Administration, Information Management, Applied Arts, Industrial Trades, Health Sciences, Tourism, etc. These online courses of CAN are availed every year by a large number of domestic and international students and occupied persons.

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