Post Graduate Programs in Canada

The four different types of post graduate schools and colleges in Canada are Universities, Community Colleges, University Colleges, Technical Institutes or Career Colleges present postgraduate or master's degrees and diplomas, probably in all subject and steams.

The minimum eligibility criteria for participating post graduate study in Canada Universities are - a applicable graduate degree, at least two college letters of reference and other qualifications as particular in the respective Universities or Colleges and TOEFL, GRE or any other specified standardized test score. Master's programs in Canada, usually require two years of full time study along with course work and submission of thesis. Post graduate programs in Canada offered are wide-ranging from fine art, biology and commerce to astronomy, media studies and religion.

There are plenty of master degree programmes offered in Canada, in addition to professional degree programmes and certificates. As a bilingual country, Canada has French language and English language institutions with some universities presenting instruction in both. Duration of post graduate degree in Canada is two years, students may find some institutes in Canada that presents a fast track post graduation choice. A post graduate degree or diploma from Canadian educational institutions is instantly recognized around the globe for its highest standard.

The Commonwealth scholarship is one basis of funding for Canadian Universities at the post-graduate level but it is restricted to a limited number of students that have exceptionally high intellectual promise and who live in Commonwealth countries. In this section we offer the complete list of post graduate programs in Canada which is highly demandable and career oriented.

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